I’m done with phone trees and automated responses.

I’m done with sales funnels and calls to action.

I’m done with politicians pretending to care about anything other than their own careers, and I’m done with all who defend them.

I’m done with celebrities and influencers who only respect and value other celebrities and influencers.

I’m done with more and more administrators and fewer and fewer teachers and doctors.

I’m done with students who sign up to learn but really just want to jump through hoops like circus poodles.

I’m not done with lakes and sunsets.

I’m not done with kind, generous, self-sacrificing people who recognize the importance of numbers other than their own bottom lines.

I’m not done with the amazing, miraculous force behind trees that grow and rivers that flow year after year after year. And it’s quite clear that no human being is in charge of or can take credit for those and all other things that matter.