We’ll soon be sending this boy off for good as he eagerly plans and prepares for his wedding this summer. We’ve discussed pretty much all the major points of life over the years. We’ve laughed together and cried together—just this morning in fact. Tears for each other and for those we love.

His world view is rich and informed and nuanced. He becomes ever more humble with each challenge and hard knock that comes his way, and there have been plenty. We’re both realistic about the probability that there will be plenty more.

I have been gathering his nuggets of wisdom like a squirrel gathering acorns since he began spouting profundities when he was three. We’ve been hard on each other at times. We both love fiercely and loyally through thick and thin. We’ve learned in recent years to be more gentle—on ourselves, on each other, and on others.

We’ve talked about writing a book together. Maybe we will, but we both have come to recognize the richness of a life with fewer words and the beauty of silence, especially when we’re at the top of a tall mountain with nothing but snow and forest all around and a long ski hill in front of us.

There are many things in this world that make me wish to be better and to do better. He makes me believe I can. ♥️